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  Name & Contact Information Subfield(s) Research Interests
Juliann Allison

Juliann Emmons Allison
Associate Professor
2219 Watkins Hall
(951) 827-5312
e-mail: juliann.allison@ucr.edu

International Relations International political economy, environmental politics
Benjamin Bishin Benjamin Bishin
2221 Watkins Hall
(951) 827-4637
e-mail: ben.bishin@ucr.edu
American Politics,
Mass Political Behavior
Representation, elections, political behavior, public opinion, Cuban American politics, Congress
Shaun Bowler Shaun Bowler
Distinguished Professor
Associate Dean of CHASS

2225 Watkins Hall
(951) 827-5595
e-mail: shaun.bowler@ucr.edu
Comparative Politics,
Mass Political Behavior
Electoral systems, voting behavior, U.S. and Europe
Marissa Brookes Marissa Brookes
Assistant Professor
2223 Watkins Hall
(951) 827-5510
email: marissa.brookes@ucr.edu
International Relations Political economy, labor and capital, globalization
Miguel Carreras Miguel Carreras
Assistant Professor
2232 Watkins Hall
(951) 827-5601
e-mail: miguel.carreras@ucr.edu
Comparative Politics Latin American politics, elections, political parties, and party systems
John Cioffi John Cioffi
Associate Professor
2216 Watkins Hall
(951) 827-7269
e-mail: cioffi@citrus.ucr.edu
Comparative Politics Public law, political economy, regulation, U.S. and Europe
Loren Collingwood Loren Collingwood
Assistant Professor
2229 Watkins Hall
e-mail: loren.collingwood@ucr.edu
Comparative Politics American politics, methods, race and ethnic politics
Kevin Esterling Kevin M. Esterling
Professor and
Associate Dean of the Graduate Division

2228 Watkins Hall
(951) 827-3833
e-mail: kevin.esterling@ucr.edu
American Politics Political information, lobbying, public policy, deliberation experiments, statistical estimation of treatment effects
Farah Godrej Farah Godrej
Associate Professor
2213 Watlkins Hall
(951) 827-4693
e-mail: farah.godrej@ucr.edu
Political Theory Comparative political philosophy, feminist thought, globalization
Jana Grittersova Jana Grittersova
Assistant Professor
2230 Watlkins Hall
(951) 827-5597
e-mail: jana.grittersova@ucr.edu
Indridi Indridason Indridi Indridason
Associate Professor &
Director of Graduate Admisions
2227 Watkins Hall
(509) 207-4431
Comparative Politics, Formal Theory Comparative Political Institutions, elections and electoral behavior, coalition formation and the organization of coalition cabinets
John Christian Laursen John Christian Laursen
2224 Watkins Hall
(951) 827-6390
e-mail: johnl@ucr.edu
Political Theory History of political thought, skepticism, liberalism, cosmopolitanism, and freedom of the press
Bronwyn Anne Leebaw Bronwyn Anne Leebaw
Associate Professor
2213 Watkins Hall
(951) 827-7379
e-mail: bronwyn.leebaw@ucr.edu
International Relations,
Political Theory
Human rights, humanitarian movements, transitional justice
Ronald O. Loveridge Ronald O. Loveridge
Director, CSSD & former Mayor of Riverside
2217 Watkins Hall
(951) 827-4548
e-mail: ronald.loveridge@ucr.edu
American Politics Urban politics, California politics, leadership, public policy
John Medearis John N. Medearis
Associate Professor & Chair
2226 Watkins Hall
(951) 827-4345
e-mail: medearis@citrus.ucr.edu
Political Theory Democratic theory, social movements, social science methodology
David S. Pion-Berlin David S. Pion-Berlin
2215 Watkins Hall
(951) 827-4606
e-mail: david.pion@ucr.edu
Comparative Politics Civil-military relations, human rights, Latin America
S. Karthick Ramakrishnan S. Karthick Ramakrishnan
2220 Watkins Hall
(951) 827-5540
e-mail: karthick.ramakrishnan@ucr.edu
American Politics,
Mass Political Behavior
Immigration and race/ethnicity, civic engagement, public policy
Georgia Warnke Georgia Warnke
Distinguished Professor
Director of the Center for Ideas & Society

2232 Watkins Hall
(951) 827-1555
email: georgia.warnke@ucr.edu
Political Theory Critical theory, hermeneutics, democratic theory and issues of race, sex and gender.