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Financial Support

Most graduate students are supported with some form of financial assistance. We are committed to supporting as many graduate students as possible. Many are awarded full financial support for four years. Currently, nearly all of our students receive some form of financial support. The type of assistance and the amount will vary. Some may come in the form of teaching assistantships, and some may be fellowships. If you have any questions concerning graduate admission to the Department of Political Science, please contact Indridi Indridason [indridi.indridason@ucr.edu] Graduate Advisor.

Graduate students at UCR may support their education with a combination of competitive firstyear and dissertation-year fellowships; paid academic employment such as teaching assistantships, readerships, and graduate student researcher positions; and need-based aid. Firstyear fellowships are usually awarded at admission. Once admitted and enrolled, students may also apply for competitive campus fellowships, including dissertation-year fellowships. Other sources of campus support include Graduate Student Association Minigrants, which are most often used to pay for conference travel. And we encourage students to seek external support, from sources such as the National Science Foundation. Most fellowships and teaching assistantships include fee remissions and health insurance, as do some graduate student researcher jobs. For US citizens and permanent residents, go to: http://graduate.ucr.edu/fin_aid.html for detailed information.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS: Because UCR is a state supported university, your tuition is higher than for US residents, and typically UCR cannot help you cover the additional costs through fellowships. The Graduate Division website explains this more fully, http://graduate.ucr.edu/verification_visa.html). Since we typically cannot support the full costs for international students with fellowships, and you will need to provide the university with proof of sufficient funds to pay for your program prior to being admitted and in order to get a visa. Beginning Winter 2012, the required annual level of financial support necessary for the admission of international students will be as follows:

Living expenses = $15,012.50 (academic year only)
Annual Fees = $13,485.50 (three academic quarters)
NRT = $15,102.00 (three academic quarters)
TOTAL = $43,600.00

International students are required to pay the nonresident tuition (NRT) until they advance to candidacy, which is typically at the end of the third year. UCR political science typically does not offer support for NRT and so as a minimum to be considered for admission, international applicants must be able to demonstrate that they have three years of NRT funding in order to be considered for admission.

Advanced graduate students are encouraged to seek outside fellowships for their dissertation research and the campus' own Office of Research Affairs provides expert help in identifying and locating such funds.